Newbie’s Kit: What Makes Golf Clubs’ Tiger

Golf, like other sports, requires every aspiring golfer and enthusiast to learn more on its rules and nature from basics and fundamentals to the generally accepted and standard compliant disciplines, etiquette and protocols. Most golfers, amateurs and professionals alike, use various jargon and equipment as part of their regular tournament games and practices which are apparently common to them but absurd and unfamiliar to beginners. Where should one start? What are the tools and equipment needed? What are the best golf clubs, methods and techniques in playing golf? These are just some of the first questions that people get into their mind before they ever began. These considerations are very important but golf is not only about getting the ball down the cup in all sorts of ways and means. The best question to begin with is ‘what makes a great golfer?’

These basic principles are sometimes ignored by most people but in thorough application, these guidelines can get beginners a good upstart and insights on how to further stretch their potential in sports, and, even help others who are already ahead to keep themselves on the right track:


1.    Learn the basics first above all else

Being a newbie or a less experienced golfer, especially in a golf club, you may frequently find yourself intimidated or even pressured at the sight of other players’ game or practice performances. Some beginners are inclined to get themselves motivated to catch with such players and others rush themselves into learning more complicated techniques; thinking that they can move ahead of experienced amateurs and professionals. Those who opted for the latter often get discouraged when they fail to meet the standard they set for themselves to reach. Learn basics first before embarking on the next levels.

2.    To be competitive, learn more about the competition

Learn the mechanics, rules and common terms and conditions of the game. As it was denoted earlier, you cannot use all ways and means to get the ball into the cup. There are rules and regulations that facilitate fairness and professionalism in game competitions. Ask the experts on how you can make your performance better. Seek the advice of the competitive and you’ll be competitive too.

3.    Get the ball off the tee!

Golf cannot be played with improper grip, posture and swing. Get ready to move! The way of gripping golf clubs and right measure of swing determine the force and impact of a shot on the ball. Making a shot with a tree like posture and approach might give a whole lot different trouble. Either you get your out of balance or fail to even get the ball off the tee. Likewise, exaggeration is not a good thing. It could be too exhaustive and the shot might be too repulsive.

4.    Get acquainted with your golf clubs

Different golf clubs serve different purposes. No golfer uses putters or chippers for long distance shots. Learn the uniqueness of every golf clubs and tools at your disposal.

5.    Discipline-bound learning

Acquiring golf knowledge, skills and tactics can never unleash your highest potential without right attitude and persistent motivation. Attend practices and take up lessons with the experienced golf players. Form a circle of friends who have the same inclination and passion as they will be the ones to always boost your confidence and support in your pursuit of excellence.

You may have been inspired or in utter awe of international golfers like Tiger Woods, Rory McIlroy, Bubba Watson and many others. Most of the people who remained content on something less are the ones who never tried to surf on the field where their passion lies. Aspire and desire for more!

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The way of gripping golf clubs and right measure of swing determine the force and impact of a shot on the ball.