5 Types Of ID Lanyards Every Company Should Consider

Lanyards are useful. Schools and organizations use them mostly for holding identification cards. Getting lanyards for IDs is better than using a clip. It’s more convenient as opposed to using a clip that might damage your clothes. With lanyards, you only need to wear them around your neck.

Some businesses also use lanyards for trade exhibits or large events. For events with attendees from different companies, lanyards are used for brand or company recognition. Some companies also use lanyards if they have giveaways for their customers and booth visitors.

Here are the types of lanyards that businesses and other organizations should consider:

1. Polyester lanyards

Polyester LanyardsIf you have ever seen silk-screen printing being done, then the same process is done with polyester ID lanyards. Your design and text will be screen printed onto the polyester. Most companies prefer this material over others as it is affordable and easy to produce. With this material, your detail and text will be printed carefully onto the polyester to achieve a clean and clear lanyard design. They buy this material because it also ensures hassle-free use.

2. Woven lanyards

Woven LanyardsOne advantage of using a woven material for your ID lanyards is it can withstand getting wet without fading right away. Although it is made from exactly the same material as polyester, a thread is used for the print and design. Have you ever seen how patches are made? It’s exactly the same with woven lanyards, though the latter actually looks more professional. Businesses usually use this for their advertising campaigns. They match the color of the fabric to their company color for brand recognition.

3. Dye sublimated lanyards

Dye Sublimated LanyardsDid you know that full color lanyards are also actually affordable. They look a lot better than black and white lanyards too. So, if you’re into colors, then use dye sublimated lanyards for your identification cards. Employees actually prefer these over other lanyards.

You can come up with a cool design with lots of color on it. Your employees would greatly appreciate it. Who knows, their work performance will improve because of it.

4. Nylon lanyards

Nylon LanyardsNylon lanyards are a little pricey compared to lanyards made from other materials. Silk-screen printing is still used, but the finished product is glossy and smooth. If you want high quality ID lanyards, then use the nylon material. Companies use this, but not for ID lanyards though. Mostly, they use nylon lanyards for large events, exhibits, and trade shows.

5. Tubular lanyards

Tubular LanyardsIf you go for comfort, choose tubular lanyards for your IDs. Tubular lanyards look similar to shoelaces. The design and the text are still silk-printed onto them. Compared to other lanyards made with different materials, tubular lanyards are thicker. That means they don’t warp, crease, or lose their shape. In the long run, you would be able to save money. It’s better to produce lanyards that will last for a long time as opposed to producing lanyards every couple of months or so.

Most manufacturers can produce high quality and professional looking lanyards for your identification cards or however you want to use them. You can customize your own lanyards by deciding how you would like the text to appear on the chosen material and how you would like to design it. You may want to consider printing your brand logo, so people would really recognize you. Use the same color as well. If possible, use bright colors to catch the attention of more potential customers. It’s also better to use high-quality material for the lanyards. The more professional looking the lanyards are, the more likely that customers would trust you.

If the lanyards are used for IDs, use holders to make it more convenient for your employees. There are holders that you can use for your IDs. Some examples are square and round plastic clips, round reels, and plastic clamp. Just contact the manufacturer to get more options.